Privacy protection score



    • - secure
    • - anonymous
    • - located in a nuclear bunker
    • - very ease to use
    • - no registration / installation required


    • - Paid (FREE messaging only)
    • - not peer to peer offers security, ease of use, advanced communicative functions; moreover, it offers a high level of anonymity. Animalous is an anonymous and secured application for communication via the Internet.  Besides, the typical sending of text messages, Animalous enables the sending of files and the novelties such as audio class and video calls.

    Not only is communication secured by the standard HTTPS protocol, but also with the strong lower layer of ciphering which maximise the degree of security. The transmission of audio and video via WebRTC technology and the peer-to-peer system (outside of the operator’s servers) is initialized by ciphered connection and ensured by ciphering tools.

    The upper layer of ciphering is standard TLS and in the lower layer each message is ciphered by the modern AES-GCM code. Ciphering is based on the exchange of RSA (KEM) private and public keys and sessions.


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